Installed events

The following events are thrown by the application and can be listened for:

Content type Event Description
Accessibility Accessibility statement updated
accessibility.approve Accessibility statement approved
Address Saving central address details
Admin admin.password.changed Admin's password changed
Adverts Advert added or updated
advert.delete Advert deleted
Announcements Announcement added or updated
announcement.delete Announcement deleted Announcement made live
announcement.offline Announcement made not live
Applied categories Adding or updating applied categories
appliedcategories.delete Deleting applied categories
Blog Blog added or updated
blog.delete Blog deleted Blog made live
blog.offline Blog taken offline Blog post created or updated Blog post deleted
Category category.move Category moved position
category.delete Category deleted
Category list categorylist.prepublish Category list publish about to take place
categorylist.published Category list has been published
Committee Committee added or updated
committee.delete Committee deleted
Constants constant.set Value of a constant has been set
Contacts Contact added or updated
contact.delete Contact deleted
Councillors Added or updated a councillor
councillor.approve Councillor approved
councillor.delete Councillor deleted Councillor made live
councillor.offline Councillor made non-live
Directory Adding or updating a directory
directory.delete Directory deleted Directory made live
directory.offline Directory taken offline
Directory record Adding or updating a record
directoryrecord.delete Record deleted Record made live
directoryrecord.offline Record taken offline
Documents Adding or updating a document
document.approve Approving document changes
document.delete Deleting a document Document made live
document.offline Document made non-live
document.visible Document made visible
document.invisible Document made invisible Adding or updating a document page
documentpage.approve Approving document page changes
documentpage.delete Deleting a document page Document header added or updated
documentheader.delete Document header deleted
Downloads Download added or updated
download.delete Download deleted Download made live
download.offline Download taken offline
download.visible Download made visible
download.invisible Download made invisible
download.approve Download approved File added or updated
downloadfile.delete File deleted
EGov Contacts egovcontact.delete Deleting a EGov Contact
External links Adding or updating an external link
externallink.delete Deleting an external link
External link categories Adding or updating an external link category
externallinkcategory.delete Deleting an external link category
Events Event added or updated
event.delete Event deleted
event.approve Event approved Event made live
event.offline Event made offline
FAQs FAQ added or updated
faq.approve FAQ approved
faq.delete FAQ deleted
Feeds Feed added or updated
feed.deleted Feed deleted
Form Form added or updated
form.archive Form archived Form made live
form.offline Form made offline
Galaxies galaxiessite.deploy.complete Dataset has been deployed to a galaxies site.
Gallery Gallery added or updated
gallery.delete Gallery deleted
gallery.approve Gallery approved Gallery made live
gallery.offline Gallery taken offline
gallery.visible Gallery made visible
gallery.invisible Gallery made invisible
Gallery item Gallery item added or updated
galleryitem.delete Gallery item deleted
Homepages Adding or updating a homepage
homepage.approve Approving homepage changes
homepage.delete Deleting a homepage
Homepage banners Homepage banner saved or updated Homepage banner made live
banner.delete Homepage banner deleted
banner.offline Homepage banner offline
Locale Language locale added or updated
locale.delete Language locale deleted
Location Updating location details
Meeting Meeting added or updated
meeting.delete Meeting deleted Meeting made live
meeting.offline Meeting taken offline
Multimedia Added or updated a multimedia item
multimedia.delete Deleted multimedia item
Navigation widgets Adding or updating a navigation widget
navigationwidget.delete Deleting a navigation widget
Navigation widget links Adding or updating a navigation widget link
navigationwidgetlink.delete Deleting a navigation widget link
News News item saved News item made live
news.approve News item approved
news.delete News item deleted
news.offline News item taken offline
Party Party saved
party.delete Party delete
Podcast Podcast added or updated
podcast.delete Podcast deleted
podcast.approve Podcast approved Podcast made live
podcast.offline Podcast taken offline
podcast.visible Podcast made visible
podcast.invisible Podcast made invisible
Podcast episode Episode added or updated
podcastepisode.delete Episode deleted Episode made live
podcastepisode.offline Episode taken offline
Polls Opinion poll added or updated
poll.delete Opinion poll deleted Opinion poll made live
poll.offline Opinion poll made offline
Press releases Press release saved Press release made live
pressrelease.approve Press release approved
pressrelease.delete Press release deleted
pressrelease.offline Press release taken offline
Service Service added or updated
service.delete Service deleted Service made live
service.offline Service made offline
service.approve Service approved
Service contacts Contact added or updated
servicecontact.delete Contact deleted
Service title Service title added or updated
servicetitle.delete Service title deleted
Session session.set Session variable set
Supplement Supplement added or updated
supplement.delete Supplement deleted
Terms Terms and conditions saved
terms.approve Terms and conditions approved
Translation mappings Translation mapping added or updated
translationmapping.delete Translation mapping deleted
Translation tasks Translation task added
translationtask.complete Translation task completed
translationtask.reject Translation task rejected
translationtask.recall Translation task recalled
User user.failed.login Failed user login
user.login Successful user login
Ward Ward saved
ward.delete Ward deleted
Widget Widget added or updated
widget.delete Widget deleted
Workflow workflow.send Item sent for approval
workflow.reject Changes to item rejected

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