Galaxy specific points of extension

Template changes

Once published, it is possible for the Galaxies site specific database and front-end scripts to be modified although the implications of this should be considered.

Be aware that during upgrades, only the scripts in the default public_html template set are updated and updates will be responsible for updating your customised scripts.

When a new Galaxies site is created, the template site directory is copied, and a new instance created on your server. All PHP files in this directory will be a reference to a copy of the script in public_html_templates/default.

There are two strategies for templates updates:

  1. Create a new template set in public_html_templates and select it in your Galaxies site's site settings
  2. Overwrite the reference script in the ms_galID directory.

Typically, the master copies of files can be found in the following directory: /home/username/microsites/public_html_templates/default

The Galaxies site reference files can be found in the following directory: /home/username/microsites/ms_galID/public_html/

Importing CSS

Custom CSS files can be imported into the Galaxies site using the “Import CSS” and “Export CSS” buttons in the Galaxies site designer.

Please note: that as the CSS file must be parsed before being used by Jadu, please ensure that all statements are finished with a semicolon and all properties are written long hand.

Custom functionality

Creating custom functionality for a Galaxies site CMS is the same in principle as for Continuum CMS. Please refer to the "Points of extension" chapter.

Note that all files are stored in the same directories as Continuum CMS, regardless of whether the custom functionality will eventually be used within Continuum CMS or a Galaxies site CMS. However all database additions need only be made to the Galaxies site CMS database.

Creating Galaxies Site Widgets

Site widgets in Jadu Galaxies sites are snippets of code that can be embedded within the columns of the Galaxies site.

Widgets are accessed in the Galaxies Designer using the “Open widget lightbox” button. Custom widgets are uploaded using the file input on the “Upload” tab.

When creating a widget its important to bear the following in mind:

  • The file name is used to create the widget name in the Control Center.

For example, the file “about_us_widget.php” would be saved as “About us widget”.

  • A description of what your widget does should be contained within a HTML comment at the top of the script.
  • Custom widgets can contain HTML, PHP, CSS or Javascript.

If you need your widget to make use of the widget styles applied using the Galaxies Designer, you must use the following template.

<div class="widget_wrap">
    <div class="widget">
        <div class="navheading">My example heading</div>
            <li class="widget_link">Example list item</li>
        <p class="widget_p">Example paragraph.</p>

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