Directory Layout

Jadu is split into a number of main directories:

Directory Content
assets Twig templates
bin Contains the php-wrapper file used when running under FastCGI
config Configuration files for Continuum CMS
jadu Application code, including code that interacts with the database
logs various log files, including Apache logs, the PHP log and any logs specific to Jadu modules
microsites Templates, scripts and tools for new sites created using the Jadu Galaxies module. Each Galaxies site has a directory in the microsites directory
public_html All scripts that can be requested through a web browser
upgrades Scripts that apply database changes during patches
var Files and directories that are specific to an installation, such as the file cache directory, category lists, multimedia and download files, and homepage widgets. Also configuration files for Galaxies sites, which are updated when publishing Galaxies sites are stored in the var directory
vendor Third-party code and libraries required for CMS functionality

Jadu directory

The top-level jadu directory, henceforth referred to as “the jadu directory”, contains code that interacts with the database, i.e. SQL queries and business logic for each module, and any code that is shared amongst multiple parts of Continuum CMS. As the files under this directory mainly contain classes they are often referred to as “class files”.

The jadu directory is sub-divided into modules. The PHP include path points to this directory. Therefore when including files from the jadu directory, the first part of the path only needs to start with the file or directory directly under the jadu directory, for example:


public_html directory

The public_html directory contains all scripts that can be requested through a web browser, i.e. it is the document root for the web server. Directories of note under public_html include:

Directory Content
images where all site images uploaded through the Control Center are stored
site where all files and directories for the web site are stored
site/scripts where all PHP scripts for the site are stored
site/includes where scripts that are included by multiple other scripts are stored
site/styles where stylesheets for the site are stored
jadu contains scripts for the Jadu Control Center

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