Applying a patch

Applying a patch is a simple process.

  1. Copy the package to a private folder on the server
  2. Unzip the package
  3. From inside the patch directory run the following command

     php meteor.phar patch:apply

When running this command you will be given options and asked for confirmations, however in most cases no additional information needs to be supplied.

Multi-server installations

Patches must be applied to all servers in the cluster, however database migrations should only be run once.

Windows installations

Before patching you will need to install the relevant Microsoft Driver for PHP and SQL server.

Microsoft Drivers version 5.3 for PHP 7.2 and SQL Server 2016 can be downloaded from github

Once you install these drivers, Add the following lines to end of file in php_ini file:


Rolling back a patch

Should you need to revert the patch, you can rollback as follows.

From inside the patch directory run the following command:

php meteor.phar patch:rollback

After rolling back you'll need to clear the cache:

php cli.php cms:clear-cache

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