Extending the queue

Custom queue handlers can be configured and run by the Continuum CMS queue master to process jobs stored in JaduQueueJobs database table.

To add a custom queue handler, first create queue.xml in path/to/jadu/config if it does not already exist. queue.xml should contain the following:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<system xmlns:config="http://www.jadu.co.uk/schema/config">

Additional queue handlers are then defined by adding new item elements, where handlerClass is the handler class name, handlerName is the name of the handler and queue.name is the name of the queue.

<item class="handlerClass" handler="handlerName" count="2" namespace="1">queue.name</item>

A corresponding entry should be added to JaduQueues database table including the following:

Column Description
id Unique id of the row
name Name of the queue, should match the queue name defined in the item element
status Status of the queue, defaults to 0
scheduler The method used to identify the next job to be processed. Installed queues use "first in, first out", indicated by the value fifo
priority Numerical value indicating the order in which queues should be processed.

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