Installed queues

The following queue are set up during installation and are required by the application for proper function.

Queue Purpose
directory.export CSV export of directory records Sending of bulk email
directory.import CSV import of directory records
galaxiessites.archive Archiving directory and deleting database of deleted Galaxies sites


The current status of queues can be checked in the Control Center where they are listed in "Utilities" >> "System information".

Retention of completed jobs

How long completed jobs are retained in the database can be configured in data_retentions.xml config file. This is accomplished by adjusting the value of completed_queue_jobs.

By default the values is set to 24, but can be adjusted to any suitable number of hours. Further details can be found in the retention policy section


If problems are encountered:

  1. enable the queue log and then inspect its contents
  2. check the queue_master.php scheduled task is present and its next run date is in the future

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