Installed tasks

Task master

Linux: scheduled_tasks_master.php
Windows: run_tasks_master.bat

The Task master initialises processing of Continuum CMS JaduScheduledTasks table. This table contains content managed scheduled tasks relating to the processing of the CMS queue, sending of scheduled reports and other repetitive tasks.

The Task master gets each unique database entry from the JaduSiteRegistry table and triggers scheduled_tasks_slave.php for each database. This causes JaduScheduledTasks to be processed on the main site and each Galaxies site.

Runs every 10 minutes.


Linux: rescheduleStalledScheduleTasks.php
Windows: run_rescheduler.bat

If Task Master fails to run, for example because there has been a system outage, Rescheduler will reset the values in JaduScheduledTasks table to ensure that no tasks become stuck.

Runs every 10 minutes, but not concurrently with Task Master.

Content schedule

Linux: content_schedule_updater.php
Windows: run_content_schedule.bat

The Content schedule task processes entries in JaduContentSchedule. This table contains scheduled content tasks, such as making content live or visible and also reminds admins to review their content. Only some of the Continuum CMS content types, such as documents, news items and events, can be added to the content schedule.

Runs at 00:30 every day.

Website statistics

Linux: looking_glass_process_log.php
Windows: Run_looking_glass.bat and run_looking_glass_range.bat

Website statistics task processes the server's access log files and inserts the processed data into the Continuum CMS website statistics database tables. The processed data powers reports on page visits and visitor data.

Runs at 00:01 every day.

Multimedia queue

Linux: queue_process.php
Windows: run_multimedia_queue.bat

Multimedia queue processes video files that have been uploaded to Continuum CMS and require converting to a compatible format to display on the website.

Runs every 5 minutes.

Apache restart

Windows: no equivalent

Restarts Apache when a configuration change is made to a Galaxies site, such that the Apache vHost file is altered eg. adding a domain. If apacherestart.txt is present in the application tmp directory, Apache is restarted.

Runs every minute.

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