Troubleshooting scheduled task problems

Check the user that runs the cron or Windows task.

The user will need to be active when the task runs, and have write and execute permission on the Jadu installation directory.

Check the tasks are active.

Task master will need to run every 10 minutes, the Rescheduler entry will also need to be running regularly for it to pick up and restart dormant tasks. The Rescheduler must be offset from the time Task master runs, or tasks will be continually reset before they can be run. On Windows installs, both the task and its trigger need to be enabled.

Check the log.

Task master and Content schedule log to files in the log directory.

Check the end date and next run date values of content managed tasks in JaduScheduledTasks.

Tasks that should never stop should have an end date of 0, or 01/01/1970. The next run date should be in the future. The values in JaduScheduledTasks can be viewed by visiting "Utilities" >> "System Information" in the Control Center.

Check the start path of the task.

On Windows installs, go to the action tab in the properties panel of the scheduled task thats not running and double click on the action to bring up it's properties. In the start in section put the full path to the folder the scheduled task .bat file is in.

Check the other server.

Tasks should only be run on one server in a clustered environment. Disable tasks if they are found running on a second server.

Check the rescheduler is being run

If tasks are not being rescheduled after failing, check that the rescheduler job exists.

On Windows this will run <install_path>\var\scheduled_tasks\run_rescheduler.bat, on Linux the following cron job should be present:

0 3 * * * su <jadu_user> -s /bin/bash -c "/usr/bin/php -d include_path=<install_path>/jadu -f <install_path>/jadu/scheduled_tasks/rescheduleStalledScheduleTasks.php >> <install_path>/logs/scheduled_tasks_log"

Replace <jadu_user> with the web user account.

Replace <install_path> with the path to your installation.

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