Security model

The Continuum CMS security model makes use of the following:

  • User - a uniquely identified named individual
  • Role - a group of access rules
  • Access rule - the permission to interact with a page or interface control


Users are the named accounts individuals use to log into the Jadu Control Center. No predefined users are built into the system.


Roles allow the grouping of access rules into easy to remember units, such as marketing team, content publisher, etc. Roles are then assigned to users.

Assigning access rules to roles rather than individual users makes maintaining a secure environment much easier. A user can only have a single role applied, and applying a role will override any access rules that have previously been assigned. No predefined roles are built into the system.

Access rules

Access rules are a set of permissions assigned to a user that grant access to pages or interface controls. Access rules may be allocated directly to an individual user or to their role. Continuum CMS takes a least permissive approach to security. Unless specifically allowed for a user, access is denied to that user.

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