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Version: 21.0.0 and above

Introduction to Jadu CMS

Welcome to Jadu CMS! No matter what your role, this user guide is designed to give a general overview on how to perform all the tasks within your Jadu Content Management System (CMS).

Jadu has many powerful features to offer you and this guide should provide you and your team with all the information they will need in order to create and manage the content within your organization’s website.

Online training

Jadu provide online training courses for our products. Courses available include:

Jadu CMS Foundation Training

Jadu CMS Foundation Training covers the basic management of core content types and associated functions such as the use of images, workflow and users. The course provides all of the information you need to get up and running with Jadu CMS.

Jadu CMS Practitioner Training

Following on from our Jadu CMS Foundation Training course, this course looks more closely at administration and management tools in the CMS, setting up user registration and managing personalised content, publishing emergency announcements, and creating and deploying additional websites.