Introduction: What is Content Portal and why is it Different?

JADU Content Portal (JCP) is an online eforms and web ‘portal’ page publishing platform, and is made up from elements within other Jadu products along with specific functionality to integrate with an ECM / Document Imaging systems such as Hyland Perceptive Content or Objective Perform ECM.

Put simply, JCP is a 'baked down' distribution of the Jadu Platform and is comprised of the following:

  • Jadu Homepages (widget framework). This is taken from the much more powerful Jadu CMS and enables you to create 'Portal pages'. If you are searching for information to manage the CMS, visit the CMS Manual
  • Jadu XFP (forms). This is the FULL Jadu Forms product. If you are searching for information to build forms, visit the XFP Manual
  • Perceptive Content Integration Software

JADU Content Portal was designed to give you the best of the Jadu Platform to enable web based self-service that sits alongside your existing web estate - so you don’t have to migrate Web CMS and you can continue to use any niche eforms or other self service products to deliver value for your constituents.

Accessibility and Responsive Design (for mobile devices)

JADU Content Portal eForms make it easier to deliver Section 508 / WCAG 2.1 / W3C AA compliance eforms for your public and internal users. Accessibility is now a legal requirement in most countries and JCP enables your business to create eforms and self-service ‘portal’ pages that are both compliant and well designed based on modern web standards. More on accessibility and templates later.

JADU Content Portal is much more than an enterprise eforms suite. The platform includes sophisticated web content management tools, powerful integration capability, easy form development and potential to enable self-service for your users, on any device.

A little bit about Jadu

Jadu provides a platform for digital transformation encompassing web content management, online eforms and payments and real-time case management & workflow for customer and constituent engagement. We work with technology and services partners to deliver software designed for engaging your audience: your customers, students, and all other constituents in your organization.

Jadu develops three core products, which together form the JADU Continuum Platform:

  1. Jadu CMS: Enterprise website content management and engagement platform
  2. Jadu XFP: Enterprise eforms and epayments with data integration capabilities
  3. Jadu CXM: Low-code workflow design, notifications and case management (cloud based)

Jadu also develops:

  • Jadu Pulsar: an open source design system for the Jadu platform (to create and deploy software user interfaces)
  • Jadu HUBis: a middleware like application for use when hosting your Jadu platform externally (or using the cloud based CXM Service) for when needing to integrate Jadu to back office or internal-hosted systems

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