Jadu CMS

The following sections are specifically for troubleshooting OAuth SSO when integrating with Jadu CMS.


  1. All details in CXM integration settings are correct in CMS control centre
  2. Site registry entries are correct in CMS system information page
  3. Check CXM Service API connectivity. Simple check can be performed with: curl -k “https://API_HOST/api/service-api/API_NAME/status?key=API_KEY”

  4. Check proxy settings are correct in CMS control centre (if required)

  5. Check hosts file for any entries relating to CXM, ensure these have the correct details
  6. SSL_ENABLED constant should be set to true so that the redirect URI generated starts with https://


If those all check out ok, use the application log to help diagnose the issue:

Ensure that the application log is enabled for the CMS:

  1. Edit {JADU_HOME}/config/logs.xml
  2. Find the line for application and set enabled=”true”and level="debug"
  3. Save
  4. Clear config cache

Common log entries

Bad site registry

If the redirect URL given to CXM does not match with one of those stored against the OAuth client, CXM will reject the request.

Something similar to this will be logged:

[2017-07-14 12:56:46] application.WARNING: Error returned by CXM API: Client error response [status code] 400 [reason phrase] Bad Request [url] https://myorg.q.jadu.net/q/oauth/v2/token {"params":{"grant_type":"authorization_code","code":"CODE","redirect_uri":"https://myorg.live.jadu.net/jadu/login/services?serviceType=cxm"}} []
[2017-07-14 12:56:46] application.WARNING: Unable to authenticate {"identity":"IDENTITY","credential":"CREDENTIAL"} []

One possible explanation for this is that the site registry contains the wrong URL for the site.

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