Enabling integration with the DfT blue badge service

In order to retrieve data from the Blue Badge Service from within your forms, you'll need to enable the integration within the Integrations Hub. To successfully enable the integration, you'll need the to provide the following:

  • Blue Badge Service Base URL
  • Client Id
  • Client Secret

These details will be provided by the Blue Badge Digital Service.

Integration Page

Upon clicking save, the connection is tested, and the details are saved if this is successful.

If the integration is unable to connect to the endpoint provided, or if the client id or secret are incorrect, the hub page will display an error.

Integration Log

Integration Log

This interface has a 'Log' tab, which displays a record of actions carried out in this interface, and (where applicable) which Administrator was responsible. It will show when the integration was enabled and disabled, as well as any errors returned from the Blue Badge Service when testing the supplied details.

The log will also show any errors that occur when interacting with the Blue Badge Service as part of a form submission.

The log shows the most recent 250 entries, and can be searched by date, Administrator, error text or status.

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