Predefined Logic: Blue Badge - Application


At the time of writing, the Blue Badge Service are yet to develop the functionality to apply for blue badges as an Organisation ( so whilst the initial version of the integration will include the ability to retrieve applications from organisations, this has not been tested in a real context. Once the DFT have released the relevant features, we will resolve any issues found as necessary.


Given a Blue Badge application number and the application field to retrieve, this formula will return the value of this field for the application.


The formula requires integration with the DfT Blue Badge Service. This can be done under Settings > Integrations > Blue Badge.


This formula requires 2 inputs to be passed through to it:

  • the application number
  • the application detail to return


When retrieved from the Blue Badge Service, the application is cached by XFP for the remainder of the current page load. This means that any subsequent formulae that need to access the application will not need to retrieve it directly from the Blue Badge Service.

Return values

Value Description
The value of the field If the application exists and can be accessed
An empty string Otherwise

Note: return values are case sensitive

Formula Logic

  1. The application is retrieved using the specified application number.

  2. The result of the formula is the value of the specified field from the application.


We advise that this logic is only used on internal forms by staff with the necessary clearance to handle data of this nature.

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