Creating a case on a customer's behalf

Using XFP's internal forms functionality in conjunction with CXM, it is possible for staff members to raise a case on a customer's behalf.

To do this:

  1. First create a Create Case action template.

    This will tell XFP how to create the case in CXM.

  2. Build a rule using this template on your form.

    The rule will fire your action template, ensuring the case is created in CXM when the form is submitted.

  3. Submit an internal form on behalf of a customer

When starting the internal form, it is important to pass the right information in the URL. In this scenario, the URL should be in the following format:{{ person.reference }}

The person reference parameter should be set to customer's corresponding CXM person reference. This will allow the XFP form submission and CXM case to both be linked to the customer's account.

For more information, see Submitting on behalf of a customer.

Passing the person reference back to CXM

When setting up the create case action template in step #1, a number of mappings will need to be set up. One of these may be called Person. A Person field expects a person reference, and is used to link the case to the specified person in CXM.

You should map the Person field to the Internal - CXM Person Reference variable. This will contain the person reference passed in the URL parameter when the form is submitted internally. When the form is submitted by a customer on the website, this variable will be empty, to ensure customers cannot link cases to other people in CXM.

My Account functionality

It should be noted that passing the person reference to an internal form will ensure the completed submission can be viewed by the user in their account page. However, this is only possible if the website uses CXM for handling customer accounts. If your website currently does not use CXM for this, speak to Jadu Support.

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