Data Export API

XFP provides an API to developers to initiate and download export files from their own applications. The API provides endpoints to initiate an export, download export files and rerun a previously run export. Your application will be notified with status updates via webhook to the Calling URL as the export job status changes.

To use the API you must create an application for the export, you will be given a secret token to use in your requests. For details on how to integrate with the data export API see the XFP Developer Guide.

Create an application

  1. Navigate to Data Management under the XForms Pro module, create a new export or choose an existing export and click on the API tab.

  2. Click New Application.

  3. Give the application a Name, the name should be descriptive of the intended use. This will help you identify the application at a later date.

  4. Provide a Callback URL, this URL will be used to notify your application when the export status changes. The URL must use https protocol.

  5. Enable the application using the Enabled toggle.

  6. Click Save.

  7. You'll now be shown the unique token to use in your requests when using this application.

    Access Token

    The token will only be shown once. Make sure you make a note of it before proceeding. If you misplace the token you will need to create a new application to get a new token.

    Use the Copy button to copy the token to your clipboard.

  8. Click Finish.

Disable an application

  1. Navigate to Data Management under the XForms Pro module and choose the export you want to disable the schedule for.
  2. Click on the API tab.
  3. Click on the name of the application you want to disable.
  4. Toggle the Enabled setting to its off position.
  5. Click Save.

Delete an application

It is not possible to delete an application, if an application is no longer needed disable the application.

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