Running a Data Export Job

There are three ways to run a data export, one-off, scheduled and via the API. All exports regardless of how they are initiated are run in the background via a queue.

The Queue

The queue runs every 10 minutes. Jobs added to the queue are processed in the order in which they are received. A maximum of 5 data export jobs are processed during each running of the queue.

Once the export job has finished processing control centre users, configured in the notification settings on the export configuration are notified by email.


One-off exports are initiated from the control centre as and when needed. When initiated an export job is created and added to the queue at the time it was requested.

To run an one-off export see running an one-off exports.


Scheduled exports are exports that are created periodically by the export scheduler. Regular exports can be scheduled using the export scheduler, when the scheduler runs the export job is added to the queue for processing.

To setup regular exports see scheduling exports.


Developers can integrate their own applications to request and download files via the data export API.

For information on using the API see data export API.

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