Viewing Execution History

XFP maintains a record of every time a data export job is executed. To view an exports execution history navigate to XForms Pro > Data Export choose an existing export and click the History tab. From here each time the data export was requested a new row in the table is added.

The history page shows:

  • Job ID: The internal ID for the job, the ID can be used to match log entries to an export.
  • Queued at: The date and time when the job was added to the queue.
  • Requested at: The date and time when the job the request for the export was received.
  • Processed at: The date and time when the job was started being processed by the queue
  • Status: The status of the job Pending, Running or Completed.
  • Records processed: The number of user form records exported.
  • Exported by: The user that requested the export, if running an one-off export this will be the name of the control centre admin who requested the export, scheduled exports will display System (scheduled) and exports initiated by the API will display API (application name).

Clicking the Details button will display a modal showing the criteria used when the job was actually run.


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