Adding an entry to the Dictionary

To add an entry to the Dictionary:

  1. Go to the Dictionary interface. This can be found under XForms Pro > Dictionary in the main menu.

  2. Click New Entry in the right hand top corner.

  3. The Add Entry modal will open.

  4. Choose the System you wish to set an entry for, e.g. "Northgate M3PP / Assure".

  5. Enter the Label that you wish to display to your customers in place of the matched value, e.g. "Household Waste Bin"

  6. Optionally enter a Value. This is useful when using the Dictionary to define options in a dropdown - the Value can be used as the value attribute for an option.

  7. Enter one or more unique Keys. To do this, place the cursor into the field, and type each value. Press enter after each one to add it to the field.

  8. Choose a Language. Currently, only English in supported.

  9. Click Save.

Your entry will now appear in the list view.

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