Exporting a Form

Exporting forms can be done very easily in XFP. Exported forms are in a .zip format and contain all the form settings, page templates, rules, action templates, logics and prefills associated with the form.

In order to export a form follow the steps below:

  1. If you don't already have the form open, begin by finding your form in the page template list and click on the title to open the form.

  2. Go to the Details Tab

  3. From the Actions menu, click on the Export Form option.

    Export a Form

  4. You will see a .zip file being downloaded

This form now can be imported on to any server running XFP. For example, if you have built a form on your UAT site, the same form can exported and then imported on to your Live site. For more information on how to import a form see Importing a Form.

Health Check

XFP will run a health check on a form before exporting it, to ensure the exported from will import correctly. If the health check fails, you will be shown a list of issues to resolve. Please resolve these issues and then export the form again.

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