Address Finder

Enable this integration for XFP to lookup Property and Street type addresses using your own web services. The corresponding specification for implementing your web services against is available at:

Address Finder configuration

  • Enter the authentication key that XFP should use when making requests to the web service
  • Enter the URL to the configuration file
  • Enter the number of seconds for which the configuration data should be cached.
  • Enter the number of seconds for which the property / street lookup results data should be cached.

Caching helps to reduce the number of requests sent to the web service and speeds up lookups, however the longer that results are cached for, the longer it will take for changes to the source address data to be reflected in address lookups in XFP.


Once the Address Finder LocatorHub integration has been successfully enabled in both CXM and XFP you should only use the Verified Address - Address Finder and Verified Street - Address Finder components for property and street lookups. This will ensure the address selected in XFP can also be retrieved in the case in CXM.

If you use the Address Finder integrated components on your form and want to send the address data to CXM you will need to map the QuestionName - Property Identifier variable or QuestionName - Street Identifier variable. This will ensure that CXM can retrieve the correct address.

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