Whitespace PowerSuite

XFP can integrate with Whitespace PowerSuite APIs to retrieve waste collection data for a property using the predefined logics: Next Collection Date, Next Collections Table, Non Collection Reason and Street Complete.

Whitespace PowerSuite configuration

  1. Enter the URL of your Whitespace PowerSuite web services

If you require a username and password to access the web services provided by Whitespace

  1. Enable Use authentication
  2. Enter Username and Password

Integration Log

Whitespace PowerSuite configuration

This interface has a 'Log' tab, which displays a record of actions carried out in this interface, and which Administrator was responsible. It will show when the integration was enabled and disabled, as well as any errors returned from Whitespace PowerSuite when testing the provided details.

The log shows the most recent 250 entries, and can be searched by date, Administrator, error text or status.

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