Closing customer accounts

In Jadu CMS, it is possible to delete individual customer accounts through the Marketing > Registered Users page. This is useful if a customer has requested that their personal data is removed under data protection rules.

When a user is removed from Jadu CMS, XFP will check to see if that user has any associated forms or payments. If so, XFP will make a record of the deletion request, so that a staff member can view the relevant forms.

In the interface, all unprocessed deletion requests will be listed. There are two possible statuses:

  • pending - The forms of this request need reviewing, before data can be cleared.
  • scheduled - This request has been reviewed, and will be processed in the next ten minutes.

Reviewing forms for a customer

To review forms associated with a deletion request:

  1. On any pending deletion request, click View Forms.

  2. The sidebar will open, showing the forms associated with the customer.

  3. For each form, choose Delete all personal data or Retain personal data and anonymise form. To help you decide, you can click the reference for the submission to view the received form. You may wish to retain information if the submission is necessary to continue providing a subscription or service to the customer.

  4. Once you have decided what to do with each form, click Perform Actions.

  5. The sidebar will close, and the status of the request will change to scheduled. The request will then be processed in the next ten minutes.

NOTE Deleting all personal data is equivalent to running a 'user data' retention policy on the form. All answers, logs, files and user information will be removed. Choosing Retain personal data and anonymise form will cause the submission to be disassociated from the customer, but all answers and files will remain intact.

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