Balances Import Log

Balances Import Interface

The balance import log interface details files that are waiting to be and file that have been imported.

There are 3 possible status of files in the log: PENDING, IMPORTED and ERROR.

Viewing details

Next to each log entry is a 'View' link in the details column. After clicking the link a modal will display detailing the outcome of the import process.

Balances Import Pending

This file is waiting to be imported and will be imported when the background task runs next (every 10 minutes).

Balances Import Imported

This fie has been imported and the import was successful, no further action is required. Details of how many balance records were processed, created and updated are displayed as well as the email address the notification was sent to if configured.

Balances Import Line Error

When importing a file, the import process will import any valid lines in the file. If the file contains lines that are not valid the import status will be set to ERROR. Details of how many lines were processed, created and updated are shown as well as the email address the notification email was sent to. Lines the were not processed because they did not meet the format required are listed and a download link allows the admin to download the file to review.

Balances Import File Error

If the import task cannot read the file to import or the file failed virus scanning the file will be flagged as an error and the file is not processed.

Determining how the file was uploaded

If the file was uploaded directly to the import folder the user will be listed as 'FTP User' otherwise the Uploaded By column will name the admin who uploaded the file via the control centre.

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