Balances Import

Balances Import Interface

This interface allows files of balances to be uploaded to PayBridge, so they can be queried and paid for on the front-end of the site.

The 'Total balances in the system' count and 'Last updated' date shows how many balances are currently stored in PayBridge and when records were last updated.

Uploading a balance file

Via the control centre

Upload the balance file through the file upload control on this page and click Save. PayBridge will return an error if the file could not be imported. Files are processed in the background every 10 minutes and you can opt to be notified when your file imports by setting a notification email address.

A successful import

When a file is uploaded and accepted, a log entry is created for the file. Files waiting to be imported are given a Pending status.


It is possible to automate the import process by FTP'ing your balances files directly from your cash management system, for example AIM. You will need FTP access to the server, once granted you will be able to FTP your files directly to the /path/to/jadu/var/PayBridge/account_balanace_files directory. Files will be picked up by the background task and imported.

Files uploaded this way will only appear in the log once the import task has run.

NOTE It is not possible to get a notification email when uploading files via FTP.

Supported File Types

PayBridge supports CSV and fixed-width for balance files.


Row Format: (fund code),(reference number),(sign),(balance)
Example: 02,9876541,+,201.00
CSV header rows

If the CSV file to be imported contains a header row, the import process will detect the header row and ignore the first row.


Each record in the fixed-width file should be on a separate line. Records should match the following format, with unused characters filled with spaces:

Field Width Alignment
Fund code 2 N/A - should always be two digits
Reference number 14 Left
Sign 1 N/A - should always be one character
Balance 11 (including a decimal point and two decimal places) Right
Example: 02 029876541 + 201.00

Virus scanning of balance files

PayBridge supports virus scanning of uploaded balance files using the Antivirus feature of Jadu CMS Continuum. If virus scanning is enabled in the CMS, balance files will be automatically scanned for viruses, and rejected if malicious content is found. For more information on virus scanning, consult the Jadu CMS User Guide.

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