Creating a payment service for balances

To accept balance payments, a service must be created in PayBridge. This should be created in the usual way, (see Card Services), with a few additional restrictions. A service for balance payments must:

  • be of type 'Billed'
  • be assigned to a fund with a code that matches the fund code of imported balances
  • have a check digit assigned which matches the format of the imported balances' reference numbers.

An example

We could import balance records to the system which all have a fund code of 02, and a reference number that is five digits long ending in 5.

To accept balance payments in this scenario, we could create a fund with the following details:

Name: FundTest
Code: 02

We would also need to create a check digit:

Mask: ####*
Modulus: 1
Subtract from: 5

We could then create a 'Billed' service using FundTest and our check digit.

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