Configuring a form to create direct debit subscriptions

To take a direct debit payment on your form, you must first ensure:

  • Integration with a direct debit provider has been enabled in Integrations (currently, only First Capital Cashflow is supported)
  • A live, direct debit service has been created in PayBridge (see creating a direct debit service)

When the above prerequisites are met, you can use XFP's rules engine to configure your form to collect direct debit payments.

  1. In the form designer, navigate to Rules in the top navigation bar (under the form title).

  2. Click Create Rule. The rule designer will open up.

  3. Give your rule a title - 'Create Direct Debit'.

  1. Setting up a direct debit is an on review action, so change the When block set to User reaches the end of the form.

  2. In the Then block, select Create a Direct Debit.

  3. In the appearing using template dropdown, select an existing template, or Create new... if you need to create a new template.

  4. Ensure the rule is enabled, by checking the enabled toggle is in the on position.

  5. Save the rule. The rule designer will close, and your rule will be listed on the page.

Test your form - you will find that you have to set up a direct debit in order to submit it.

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