Creating a direct debit service

In order to take direct payments on a form, you'll first need to create a service in PayBridge. A service is essentially what the customer is paying for by completing the form.

NOTE PayBridge currently only supports First Capital Cashflow for Direct Debit payments. This must be enabled in the Integrations page prior to creating your Direct Debit services.

To add a new service:

  1. Go to the Direct Debit Services interface. To do this, click PayBridge > Manage Services in the main navigation bar, then click Direct Debit Services.

  2. Click Create Service in the top-right corner.

  3. The details interface will open. Provide a name, categories and metadata for your service. Optionally, assign a fund code.

  4. Choose the plan in First Capital to use for the Direct Debit.

  5. Once you have chosen the plan to use, the details of the plan will be shown. If any information is not set, complete the missing fields.

  6. Click Save. Your service will be created, and you will now see it in the list of direct debit services.

  7. Make your service live, by ticking the checkbox on the right hand side of its row in the direct debit services list.

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