A service in PayBridge is something that a customer can pay for. Examples include Council Tax and Planning Payments.

You can view the services in your system by clicking PayBridge > Manage Services in the main navigation bar.

You'll notice that the services you have created are split over two tabs, Card Services and Direct Debit Services. You cannot use the same service to collect both card and direct debit payments - you'll need a separate service for each.

Service types

XFP supports three different service types:

  • XForms Pro Integrated - this is the most common type, used when you want to take a payment as part of your form.

  • Billed - A much simpler way of collecting payment, that doesn't require an XForm. Customers are just asked to provide a reference number and the amount to be paid.

  • Upon Request - similar to Billed, but does not ask the customer for a reference.

The above types are only applicable to card services; direct debit services must be used in conjunction with an XForm.

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