Creating a card service

In order to take card payments on a form, you'll first need to create a service in PayBridge. A service is essentially what the customer is paying for by completing the form.

To add a new service:

  1. Go to the Card Services interface. To do this, click PayBridge > Manage Services in the main navigation bar. The Card Services tab will be open by default.

  2. Click Create Service in the top-right corner.

  3. The details interface will open. Provide the information for your service.

    In order to do this, you'll require at least one Payment Adapter to be installed. Talk to Jadu Support if your system does not currently have one. You'll also need to have created a fund code and a tax code.

  4. Choose the PSP (Payment Service Provider) for your service. This is the third party responsible for processing your payments.

  5. Ensure the Payment Type field is set to XForms Pro Integrated.

  6. Click Save. Your service will be created, and you will now see it in the list of card services.

  7. Make your service live, by ticking the checkbox on the right hand side of its row in the card services list.

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