Payment Provider Logs

In this interface, communications between PayBridge and payment providers can be viewed. This may be useful for tracing an order, or resolving customer queries.

Payment Provider Logs Interface

Figure : The 'Payment Provider Logs' interface

Logged data

The following data is available in this interface:

Field Info
orderID The id of the order in the Jadu database
PSP The payment provider used for processing this order
Jadu Order Reference The reference assigned to the order by PayBridge
Order Total The total of the order
Last Updated The time of the log entry
PSP Order Reference The order reference given by the payment provider
Response Code The response code returned from the payment provider
Additional Info Anything else of interest returned from the payment provider

NOTE PayBridge logs both request and responses for communication with payment providers. Request lines will have PSP Order Reference and Response Code set to a meaningless value, such as 'n/a', as there is no data to log for these before contact is made with the payment provider. It is also normal to see multiple request lines per order, as a customer may change their order before proceeding to payment, and PayBridge logs the request each time.

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