Move booking on submission

In order to use the Move Booking action, you'll need to create a template, which tells XFP how to convert information from the form into a CSV file.

To do this:

  1. Navigate to Templates in the top navigation bar (under the form title).

  2. Click Create Template.

  3. A popover will open, asking which type of action we want to create a template for. Choose Move Booking under the Event Booking section, and click Next.

  4. We'll then be taken to the template builder for this action.

    It is also possible to access the template builder from within a rule, by choosing Create new... when selecting a template in a Then block.

  5. Set the title of your template.

  6. Choose the Existing Event Booking question. This is the booking which will be moved.

  7. Choose the Event Booking question. This is the question which will allow the person to select their new slot for their booking.

  8. Click Save to create the template.

To make this action fire when your form is filled in, you will need to add it to a rule - see Building a Rule.

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