Building a rule

Rules are responsible for firing actions when customers fill in your form.

To create a rule:

  1. In the form designer, navigate to Rules in the top navigation bar (under the form title).

  2. Click Create Rule. The rule designer will open up.

  3. Give your rule a title.

  4. Decide whether your rule will run when the user submits the form or when the user reaches the end of the form.

    Different actions can run at different times. For example, submitting data to CXM or sending an email can be done on submission, but making a payment can only be done on reaching the end of the form. Experiment with changing the rule's When block to see the different actions available.

  5. In the Then block, select the type of action you wish to fire.

  6. In the appearing using template dropdown, select an existing template, or Create new... if you need to create a new template. The template will differ depending on the action chosen.

  7. Optionally add some conditions to your rule, to ensure it only runs in certain circumstances e.g. for signed in customers only, or if a particular question was answered.

  8. Ensure the rule is enabled, by checking the enabled toggle is in the on position.

  9. Save the rule. The rule designer will close, and your rule will be listed on the page.

More information about rules can be found in the Overview. For a specific example of building a rule, see Creating your first rule.

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