Rule conditions

Rules can contain one or more conditions, which will prevent the actions in the rule from running if they are not satisfied.

Condition types

XFP provides a number of different conditions that you can apply to rules, such as...

  • Current date is before/after/between
  • Current day is weekday/weekend/bank holiday
  • Current time is before/after/between ...
  • Page was/was not visited
  • Question was/was not answered
  • Question is equal to...
  • Submitted via website/internal form
  • User type is registered user/administrator/administrator on user's behalf

Condition evaluation

Rules have two condition types, And and Or. A typical structure of conditions in a rule may be:

    And Condition 1
        Or Condition 2
        Or Condition 3

    And Condition 4
        Or Condition 5

    And Condition 6

Each And must be be met for actions to run. If Or conditions are present, these provide alternative options that can be satisfied instead of the And they relate to.

In the above example, condition 6 must always be met. Further to this, one of conditions 4 & 5 and one of conditions 1, 2 & 3 must also be met.

Adding a condition

When in the rule designer, you can add conditions by clicking any of the And links between the When block and the first Then block.

Doing this will add a new And block for you to complete.

You can also click Or under each And block, to add alternative conditions for a particular And condition.

Removing a condition

To remove a condition, click the remove icon (x) on the right hand side of the block.

NOTE Removing an And condition will also remove any Or conditions that are related to it.

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