In this section you will learn how to integrate your form with third party systems, using the Rules engine in XFP. You'll create reusable templates to send submission data to these systems, and then use these templates in rules.

What is a Rule?

A rule consists of three key pieces of information:

  • Action(s) that should be fired by the rule.
  • When those action(s) should be fired.
  • Conditions that must be met in order to fire the actions.

A rule is structured into three parts:

  • When Block

    This tells us when the rule will be evaluated. This can either be:

  • And/Or Blocks

    We can add conditions to our rules by adding multiple and/or blocks. A rule will only fire its actions if the conditions are satisfied.

  • Then Blocks

    Each then block can be thought of as an action to fire. Then blocks are ran sequentially, starting with the first one. A Then block determines the type of action to be fired e.g. Create Case in CXM, and the template to use for this.

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