System Interoperability

This conditional logic will show you how you can take a value from one system and then convert it to an acceptable value in another system. Often when different applications have to be interacted with the values that need to be sent have to be manipulated into a format that the receiving application understands. Conditional logic can be used to perform this manipulation.


IF {{ Logic - CXM Service ID }} EQUAL TO {{ Text - hr_service }}
    Return "hr_query"
    Return ""

Form Setup

  1. Create a new logic under the Logic tab in a form.

  2. Give the logic a name e.g. "Convert service id to service name"

  3. Choose Conditional as the logic type.

  4. Using the source for the service ID, such as a predefined logic that calls CXM to get a case value set the left side of the If block.

  5. Then set the right hand side to the value to compare the service ID against.

  6. Set the Return value to Text and enter a value to return

  7. Add an ELSE IF block by clicking on the else if button.

  8. Repeats steps 4 to 6 for the new ELSE IF block and subsequent blocks.

  9. Finally set the Else Return to a default value by selecting Text and entering the default value that will be returned when none of the conditions are met above it.

  10. Click Save.

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