Expression Types

There are 4 types of expression that can be used in a conditional logic.


Text expressions are static values, they can be strings or integers.

To use, enter the value you want to compare in the text box.


Logic expressions are expressions that use the outcome of another logic; Predefined, Mathematical, Literal and Conditional.

To use, choose the logic that you want to form part of the condition from the select list.

Self referencing

It is possible to setup a conditional logic that ultimately references itself creating an infinite loop situation. When this situation is encountered the conditional logic that is being referenced will return NULL.


Definitions are reusable values that are defined across globally across your forms. They can be setup directly from the conditional logic setup pages or from their own pages. There are three types of definitions Constant, Date Calculation and Specific Date.

See Logic Definitions for more information on setting up and using definitions.


Response expressions use the responses provided by the customer filling in the form.

To use, choose an answer from the drop down of questions.

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