Literal Logic

You can use the literal logic type in XFP to build up any textual string of data.

Creating a literal logic

  1. In your form, click Logic in the top navigation bar (under the the form title).

  2. Click Add Logic.

  3. You will be taken to the logic designer, where you can build your logic.

  4. Give your logic a name, so you can find it again later.

  5. Choose Literal as the type.

  6. Enter your formula in the appearing box. You can drag and drop blocks from the toolbar, or type in the area where it says start typing.

    • Pressing enter will finish a block and start a new one
    • Blocks are not space separated - if you require a space, type one in your block
    • You can navigate the cursor between blocks with the arrow keys
    • Typing '[' in an empty block will open the variable picker
    • Blocks can be removed by deleting their content with backspace, or by dragging them to the trash can.
  7. Click Save. You can now use this logic in your form.

NOTE The variable picker allows you to insert placeholder variables. These will be replaced by the corresponding proper value when the logic runs.

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