Predefined Calculation: Bartec Collective - Check Service Requests


This formula will determine if a property already has an existing service request matching a particular status, bin type and request type.


The formula requires integration with Bartec Collective to be configured. This can be done under Settings > Integrations > Bartec Collective.


This formula requires 4 inputs to be passed through to it:

  • the UPRN of the property to check.

    This should be mapped to the property identifier element of an address lookup question.

  • the bin type to check against

  • the service request type to check against

    This is used only to populate the options for the status input.

  • the status to check against

Return values

Value Description
Yes If the property specified has a matching service request of the specified status, request type and bin type
No If not
error If an error occurred querying Collective

Note: return values are case sensitive

Formula Logic

  1. A check is made to see if the integration has been enabled in the Settings > Integrations page. If the integration is not enabled the formula returns error.

  2. The formula calls ServiceRequests_Get, passing the UPRN and status.

  3. For each record returned, the ServiceCode parameter is passed to ServiceRequests_Detail_Get.

  4. If this is returned successfully, the extended data fields from it are processed, to find one with a Name of 'FeatureType'.

  5. The value of the 'FeatureType' extended data field is compared to the specified bin type in a case-insensitive manner. If they match, the result of the formula is Yes.

  6. If no returned service request record has a matching feature type, the formula result is No.

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