Predefined Calculation: Bartec Collective - Check Property has Garden Waste Container


This formula will determine whether a particular property has one or more garden waste containers.


The formula requires integration with Bartec Collective to be configured. This can be done under Settings > Integrations > Bartec Collective.

The formula requires the following settings to be configured under Settings > Integrations > Bartec Collective > Settings.

Garden Feature Name Match

The value entered into the setting must partially match the description of the organic features as configured in Bartec Collective.

For example if in Bartec Collective your features are named as:

  • GARDEN 160L
  • GARDEN 240L
  • GARDEN 550L

You would enter GARDEN into the setting as the value as that will match all organic features.


This formula requires 1 input to be passed through to it, the UPRN of the property to check. This should be mapped to the property identifier element of an address lookup question.

Return values

Value Description
Yes If the property has at least one garden waste container.
No If the property has no garden waste containers.
error If an error occurred when querying Collective.

Note: return values are case sensitive

Formula Logic

  1. A check is made to see if the integration has been enabled in the Settings > Integrations page. If the integration is not enabled the formula returns error.

  2. The formula calls Features_Get, passing the UPRN. If no features are returned the formula returns error.

  3. The returned records are filtered, to find only features where the name matches the Garden Feature Name Match setting. This comparison is case-insensitive.

  4. If there is one or more features which match the setting, the result is Yes. Otherwise, the result is No.

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