Predefined Calculation: Date Plus/Minus Days


This formula allows you to manipulate dates by adding or subtracting a number of days/weekdays off a date.


This calculation cannot manipulate non all day booking event dates.


This formula requires the following inputs to be passed through to it:

  • Date to change the date to manipulate
  • Input format the format of the date that is being passed to the formula
  • Output format the format of the date that is saved as the result of the logic
  • +/- the sign to use in the formula
  • Amount the number of days to add or subtract from the date
  • Weekdays or Days add/subtract weekdays (Mon-Fri) or all days to the date

Return values

Value Description
date The calculated date in the format set in 'Output format'
{ empty-string } If an error occurs modifying the data

Note: return values are case sensitive

Formula Logic

  1. The formula creates a new DateTime from using the Input format and the Date to change inputs

  2. The modify method is called on the DateTime object using the sign, amount and day inputs

  3. The modified date is returned in the format of the Output format

  4. If an exception occurs for example, the DateTime object cannot be created from the input date an empty string is returned.

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