Predefined Calculation: Northgate M3PP / Assure - Get asset key(s) of type(s) for property


This calculation will return a comma-separated list of asset keys that match specified assets types.


The formula requires connection to a Jadu hubIS instance, which can be configured in the Integrations page. Your Jadu hubIS instance should be configured to connect to your M3PP / Assure instance. For help setting up and configuring hubIS, contact Jadu Support.


This formula requires the following inputs to be passed through to it:

  • the name of the M3PP / Assure instance as configured in Jadu hubIS
  • the UPRN of the property to check
  • the asset type(s) to consider

The mapped value for the UPRN must come from an address lookup question, using the property_identifier variable option.

Return values

Value Description
comma separated list of asset keys The keys of any assets that match the specified asset types
false If an error occurs

Note: return values are case sensitive

Formula Logic

  1. A check is made to see if the integration has been enabled in the Settings > Integrations page. If the integration is not enabled the formula returns an empty string.

  2. A call is made to GetAssets passing in the UPRN input. This returns all the assets set on a property. If the call fails, the result is n empty string.

  3. All returned assets are examined to find any with an ASSETTYPE matching the asset type input.

  4. The result is set to be a comma-separated version of the list of asset keys

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