Predefined Calculation: Property in CMS LLPG


Some services require the property being served is within the area served by the organisation. When using address services such as SinglePoint or ESRI LocatorHub the national property database (NLPG) is searched and displayed.

This formula will check a property is within the serviced area by search for a matching UPRN record in the LLPG data imported into the CMS.


The formula requires the import of local LLPG address data into your system. Please speak to Jadu Support if you are unsure if you have this data imported.


This formula requires the UPRN of the property to check is passed in to the only mapping field:

Return values

Value Description
Yes Property exists in CMS LLPG data
No Property does not exist in CMS LLPG data

Note: return values are case sensitive

Formula Logic

  1. A call is made to getLPIForUPRN using the UPRN input.

  2. If a record is returned from the call in step #1, Yes is returned, otherwise No is returned.

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