Predefined Calculation: Seeded SLA Date


This formula will return a date that is a certain number of working days in the future taking into account weekends and public holidays from the start date.


This formula requires 5 inputs to be passed through to it:

  • Number of days

    How many working days after the current date the result should be.

  • Date format

    The date format used for the result of the calculation.

  • Region

    Which region to consider bank holidays for. Currently, only regions in the UK are supported.

  • Start date

    The date to calculate the SLA from

  • Start date format

    The format of the start date

Return values

Value Description
The SLA date Calculated by adding the specified number of working days from the start date.

Formula Logic

  1. The public holidays for the selected Region are obtained.

  2. The SLA date is set to the start date.

  3. The SLA date is moved forward by the amount of weekdays in the Number of days input.

  4. For every public holiday between the next working day and the SLA date, an additional weekday is added.

  5. The resulting SLA date is returned as the result of the calculation, formatted according to the Date format input.

  6. The result of the calculation is cached against the current date and provided inputs.

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