Prefilling a "Textfield" page element with a date

Prefilling a date in to a textfield or textarea page element is the same as prefilling any other value into a textfield or textarea.


This page is for prefilling a Textfield question, to prefill a date into a Date see prefill a Date page element.

To do this:

  1. In your form, click Advanced > Prefills in the top navigation bar (under the the form title).

  2. Click Add Prefill.

  3. The create interface will open.

  4. Choose the question to prefill e.g. start date

  5. Choose where the prefill value should come from e.g. a value retrieved from CXM via a logic

  6. Click Save.

  7. The prefill will be created and added to the list.

The format of the date that is output to the textfield will depend on the source of the date, see Common date formats used in XFP for the various formats that could be returned.

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