Making bookings using a form

Adding an Event Booking Question

In this section we will learn how to make a booking on Office365 through a form in XFP.

  1. The first step is to create a form.

  2. Then you will need to add an event booking question to your form. The steps for this can be found within the Adding a question to a page section.

Event Booking questions can be added to forms in the same way as other question types.

When adding two settings are required:

  • Calendar - the Outlook Calendar to create the booking in

    This list of calendars reflects the Calendars created in Outlook.

    If a calendar you wish to use is not in this list, click the refresh button to retrieve an updated list from Outlook.

  • Event booking slot configuration - the booking configuration that applies to the event being booked.

  • Concurrency Weighting - allows you to specify that the event will take up one or more of the available simultaneous event slots. See Concurrency Weighting

Removing an Event Booking Question

Note that deleting an Event Booking question will immediately cause all events booked by the question to become read-only. It will not be possible to change these through the Manage Bookings interface.

Event booking questions can be removed in the usual way - by editing the question and pressing Delete.


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