Bookable days

This setting specifies what days and what times each day is bookable. At least one day must have a booking period set.

To make a day bookable it must have at least one booking period added. Booking periods cannot overlap, for example you cannot have a period 10:00 - 11:30 and another period 11:00 - 12:00 on the same day.

Click the + button on the row for the day you want to make bookable. That will load the Add Period modal where the period can be configured.

Multiple Booking Periods

Add Period Settings

All Day

If your event does not have a start or end time use the All Day setting to make the entire day bookable.

All day bookings appear on in the Event Booking Component as a selectable day:

Enabling the All Day setting will disable the Start time and End time settings.

All day booking periods

A day that is configured for All Day bookings can only have one booking period configured. Any additional periods added will not be saved.

Start & End Time

With the All Day booking setting disabled you will be able to define the start and end time of the booking period. If using slots the start and end times specify when the first and last slot will be available to book. If you're not using slots the entire period will be bookable.

The start and end time of the period (9am to 5pm) will be shown in the Event Booking Component as a bookable period (no slots):

And the same period but with 60 minute slots enabled in the configuration:

To setup the bookable period enter the start and end time into the relevant field.

Times should be entered using the 24 hour clock. To start the period at the start of the day enter 00:00 in the start time or to end the period at the end of the day enter 00:00 in the end time.

Notice Period

The notice period is the amount of hours before the period/slot that a booking must be booked in advance of.

For example if you have a bookable period set to All Day and you set the Notice period to 7 hours the period would not be available to book after 5pm the day before. Alternatively if the bookable period has a Start time of 14:00, an end time of 18:00 and a notice period of 2 hours a booking could be made before 12:00 on the same day but not after.

Use slot for notice period

This setting allows you to set the notice period starting point. If disabled the notice period is calculated from the start of the bookable period, 00:00 for All Day periods and Start time for non-all day periods.

Enable this setting to calculate the period from the slot in the bookable period. For example if a bookable period has a Start time of 09:00, an End time of 18:00, Slots enabled, Duration set to 60 minutes and a Notice period of 1 hour it would be possible to book an slot up to 1 hour before the slot start time on the same day. Slots that are in the past will not be bookable but as long as the slot has capacity and has a start time greater than the notice period it can be booked.

Max slots

When using slots for bookings the default behaviour is to fill up the entire bookable period with as many slots as possible.

Use this setting to limit the number of slots available during the booking period.

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