Displaying a progress bar

A progress bar provides feedback to your customer on how many pages in the form they have completed and still have left to complete.

Progress bar control

When enabled the progress bar will be displayed at the top of the form page. For linear forms (forms that don't have any page level branching) progress is reported as page x of y . If the form has page level branching progress is reported as page x of y (possible) until the point where the customer has progressed far enough into the form and it is known how many pages they will visit.

  1. If you don't already have the form open, begin by finding your form in the form list and click on the title to open the form.

  2. With the form open, you'll be on the Pages tab and will see the form structure. Click the Details tab to open up the form details.

  3. Click the toggle next to Enable progress bar, it will go green when enabled.

    Progress bar control

  4. Click Save to update the form settings

To disable, simply click the Enable progress bar toggle to the off position and click Save.

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