Registered users only

Jadu XFP can restrict access to your form to only customers that are registered and signed into the website. By default any customer signed in or not can access and complete a form created in XFP.

To restrict the form to only customers who are signed into the website:

  1. If you don't already have the form open, begin by finding your form in the form list and click on the title to open the form.

  2. With the form open, you'll be on the Pages tab and will see the form structure. Click the Details tab to open up the form details.

  3. Click the toggle next to Registered users only, it will go green when enabled.

    Registered users only control

  4. Click Save to update the form settings

If the customer is not signed in when attempting to open your form they will be see a message informing them that they need to have an account to access the form.

Form requiring sign in

To allow all customers to access and complete the form simply click the Registered users only toggle to the off position and click Save.

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