Resuming at start

When a customer is signed in to the website and starts completing a form their progress will be saved as they progress through the form. If the customer abandons the form part way through they can come back to it again. A customers incomplete forms are accessible from the my account area on the website. This is commonly referred to a save and return.

What happens when they come back to the form is configurable. By default the customer will resume on the last page they completed. Any answers the customer provided on a previous page will be kept unchanged and will not be validated again. If your form has some branching logic based on an external source, such as the status of a case in Jadu CXM, or if your form allows the customer to make a booking using the Event Booking page element you'll want to ensure that the branching is still the same or the booking is still valid.

If the customer abandons and then returns to the form at a later date in these situations, it would be preferable for the customer to return to the beginning of the form. The form questions will be populated with the customers answers and they'll get a chance to review their previous responses. Crucially the responses will be validated again as they proceed through the form. If, for example, the booking slot is no longer available, the customer will be asked to choose another slot. If the corresponding CXM case is in a different status to what it was when the customer originally filled in the form, the branching logic will direct the customer to the correct pages.

  1. If you don't already have the form open, begin by finding your form in the form list and click on the title to open the form.

  2. With the form open, you'll be on the Pages tab and will see the form structure. Click the Details tab to open up the form details.

  3. Click the toggle next to Resume abandoned forms at start, it will go green when enabled.

    Registered users only control

  4. Click Save to update the form settings

To disable, simply change the Resume abandoned forms at start toggle to the off position and click Save.

Note, if you plan on using AssureSign Electronic Signatures integration, this setting must be set to No.

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